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Our project

The Little Prince Project is a project aimed at children and adolescents in a state of social vulnerability in the city of Guayaquil.

Its main objective is to provide these children and young people with the necessary tools to create a world of opportunities through educational processes, supported by poetic and artistic expression, which consist of the development of workshops, in which the beneficiaries are qualified in creative writing. , stimulation of reading and dynamics that enhance social skills.


This project was born from the need to make visible the groups most affected by poverty and inequality in the country. Through programs specialized in comprehensive child development, it is expected to mitigate the socio-emotional imbalance of children and young people affected by this problem.


The Little Prince Project is part of the training and complementary activities of the Guayaquil International Poetry Festival Ileana Espinel Cedeño in the context of permanent activities, before and after the Festival.


The little prince project

It improves life skills such as creative thinking, contributes to the construction of a culture enriched with imagination, leaving as a result a positive impact on the social confidence of the beneficiaries.

expression of your emotions

Through recreational activities, interest is promoted in the development of new community atmospheres that allow to enhance the talents explored in the work sessions .

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we stimulate your creativity

We don't have to break down our dreams, we have to break down the barriers that prevent us from reaching them.

We believe that:

The representation of the world through literature, art, poetry, imagination and symbolic creation, is an important tool to transform the thinking and projections of children and young people of the future.


our reward

It is gratifying to perceive the dedication and love that each child puts in their processes. Breaking the barriers of fear and the reality of various environments touches and strengthens the main objective of this project.

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