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Manuel BorrÁs

Manuel Borras (Valencia, 1952). Spanish editor.

He began his studies at the German School of Valencia, graduating from the Valencia Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in Modern Philology, specializing in German and English. He made academic works on Germanistics, and on German and Austrian Expressionism.

In 1976 he founded in Valencia, together with Manuel Ramírez and Silvia Pratdesaba, the independent publishing house Pre-Textos, one of the most important in Spain, occupying the position of literary editor.

In 1997 they received the National Award for Best Editorial Work and in 2008 they were awarded at the Guadalajara Book Fair with the Recognition of Editorial Merit. In 2009 they are recognized in Peru as Publishers of the Year at the International Book Fair and have received more awards for the design of their books and for their cultural work.

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, Pre-Textos was invited to the Miami Book Fair International and in 2012 they were invited to the FILUC Book Fair in Valencia (Venezuela), where it was awarded the Alejo Zuloaga Order by the University of Carabobo. Together with Darío Jaramillo, in 2014, he was part of the seventh International Carnival of the Arts in Barranquilla (Colombia).

Pre-Textos has also received other types of national and local awards both in recognition of the design of its books, as well as that of its cultural work.

He is a contributor to newspapers and literary magazines.

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