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Nothing stopped us, and we celebrated it big! The Guayaquil International Poetry Festival Ileana Espinel Cedeño, which in 2020 celebrated its thirteenth edition online, had one hundred invited authors. Serbian-American poet Charles Simic was the special guest. Among the honored characters were: Sonia Manzano and Silvia Sesé.

Guest writers are from various countries around the world. Among them were: Kemadjou Raconteur (Cameroon); Keijiro Suga (Japan); Halyna Kruk (Ukraine); Kalina Izabela Ziola (Poland); and Ching-Fa Wu (Taiwan).

As part of the programming, the presentation of 10 books, interviews and dialogues with writers such as the Mexican Juan Villoro, the Chilean Alejandro Zambra; Silvia Sesé, from the Anagrama publishing house, the Uruguayan Ida Vitale (Cervantes Prize), among others.


Winner of the XIII Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2020:

Josué Negrete, Quito, with his collection of poems "Under the branches that fall, fall, fall"

1st mention: Andrea Rojas Vásquez, Loja, "Insomnia"

2nd mention: Pablo Raymond Meriguet Calle, Quito, "Los Herederos"

3rd mention: Tamara Mejía, "Botanical Metamorphosis"


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In this edition, about 80 writers shared and declaimed their works to the hundreds of attendees who gathered in different spaces in Guayaquil.

The House of Culture Núcleo del Guayas and the El Quirófano Cultural Corporation awarded the 2019 'Ileana Espinel Cedeño' National Poetry Prize to the Quito poet Amanda Pazmiño Torres, in the twelfth edition of the literary contest, which received 100 poems.

Winner of the XII Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2019:

Amanda Pazmiño Torres, Quito, with the unpublished collection of poems "I will speak of you to all the seas that forge a home in my eyes"

1st mention: Andrea Rojas Vásquez, Loja, "Somewhere in the body"

2nd mention: Sara Montaño Escobar, Loja, "Chronicles of a body"

3rd mention: Tamara Mejía, Guayaquil, "Incendios"


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The XI International Poetry Festival of Guayaquil Ileana Espinel Cedeño 2018 was held from October 22 to 26, together with 60 poets from 12 countries: Syria, Latvia, Estonia, Japan, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador.

The festival was attended by Tyehimba Jess, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2017, as well as international figures such as the Uruguayan Rafael Courtoisie and the Spanish Benjamín Prado also took part in the festival, and presented the poetry collections' Solid State 'and' Ya it's not late ', respectively. The two books were presented under the new Visor Libros Ecuador seal, the mythical Spanish poetry publishing house that arrived in the country under the direction of Augusto Rodríguez.

Winner of the 11th Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2018:

Edwin Augusto Paredes, Loja, with the book "Genesis of dust"

1st mention: Carla Dennisse Caravedo Nieto, Guayaquil, "Old White"

2nd mention: Santiago Francisco Grijalva Aguilar, Quito, "Consignas"

3rd mention: Lucero Guadalupe Llanos Orellana, Guayaquil, "Soul is a waterproof"

X EDITION - 2017

Declared Emblematic Festival of Ecuador by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the "Ileana Espinel Cedeño" brought together about 70 poets from different parts of the world: China, Japan, Kurdistan, Wales, France, Spain, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador; and took place from July 10 to 14, 2017.

The Guayaquil musician John Mite will give two brief concerts at the X Guayaquil International Poetry Festival Ileana Espinel Cedeño 2017.


Winner X Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Award 2017:

Kristel Freire, Guayaquil, with her collection of poems entitled "The benignity of penalties, how to make a criminal infamous"

1st mention: Kevin Cuadrado, Quito.

2nd mention: Jacinto Zambrano, Quito.

3rd mention: Tamara Mejía, Quito.




This meeting was invited to Mexico by important poets of several generations such as: Rubén Medina, César Rodríguez, Elizabeth Cazessús, Mónica González Velázquez, Marco Antonio Gabriel, and others. In addition to important poets from Iraq, Japan, Luxembourg, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Spain and Ecuador. 70 voices in total.


Winner IX Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2016:

Jean León, Guayaquil, with his collection of poems "Principles of anarchy"

1st mention: Andrea Rosario Torres Armas, Quito, "Allpakmaska ​​(Animated Earth)"

2nd mention: Kevin Cuadrado, Quito, "Histories of distances"

3rd mention: Kristel Freire, "Writings about your absence or ways of signifying the theme of tearing"



This meeting was dedicated to Colombia, important poets from several generations came, such as: Juan Manuel Roca, Fernando Rendón, Felipe López, Yenny León, Fernando Cely, among others. In addition to important poets from Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Syria, Uruguay, Mongolia, India, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Spain and Ecuador. 80 voices in total.

We have the presence of the renowned Spanish editor Manuel Borrás from the Pre-Textos publishing house and the Chilean writer Jorge Edwards, winner of the 1999 Cervantes Prize.

Winner VIII Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2015:

LeiraAraújo, Guayaquil, with his collection of poems "Last night in the country of hotels"

1st mention: María Belén Salinas, "Passion of the sun and moon"

2nd mention: Raquel González, "Apoptosis"

3rd mention: Luis Cocha, from Ibarra, "The buried lamp (anatomy of an infamy)"


It was dedicated to the Arab world, where the poets Ahmed al-Shahawi (Egypt), Fakhri Ratrout (Palestine), Adnan Al-Sayegh (Iraq), Mohammad Hudaib (Jordan), Najwan Darwish (Palestine) stood out. We also have the participation of guests from Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Hungary, Bolivia, Ex Yuguslavia, Mexico, Spain and of course from Ecuador. 75 voices in total.

Other of our objectives in 2014 were to rescue personalities that have been forgotten for many years, such as Hipólito Alvarado, Hernán Zúñiga, Rodolfo Salazar, Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo, Carlos Rojas, among others, and promote a more heterogeneous encounter by increasing female participation.

This time the festival was in honor of Fernando Cazón Vera from Guayaquil.

Winner VII Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2014: Wilmer García Cabrera, Machala, with his collection of poems "El jardin mordiente".

1st mention: Diana Alvarado, "Terror of my kind".

2nd mention: Tyrone Maridueña, “The invocation of vertigo”.

3rd mention: María Fernanda Campos, "The woman who inhabits demons".


The sixth edition had a significant change in its approach. As of this year the festival ceased to be called “young”, with the aim of including experienced voices over 35.

On this occasion, about 50 exponents from Italy, the former Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Iraq, Ecuador participated. Among them, the Iraqi Basim Furat, who read with the particular intonation of his native language, the Italians Cinzia Marulli and Salvatore Ritrovato, the Mexicans Armando Alanís Pulido, Gabriela Cantú Westendarp and Mónica González, the Colombian Ángela Suárez, Raúl Hernández from Chile and Gabriel Chávez from Bolivia.

The poets honored in this edition were Sonia Manzano from Guayaquil and Rafael Díaz Ycaza, from Guayaquil.

Winner VI Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2013: Giovanni Salvatore Bayas Aguiar, Guayaquil, with his collection of poems

"7 steps to open your chest (and die trying)".

1st mention: Cristian López, "Songs of a wounded animal".

2nd mention: Brady Gutiérrez Cornejo, “La teta de mi madre”.

3rd mention: Amanda Pazmiño Torres, “Estategrama”.

V EDITION - 2012



In our fifth meeting we increased the international participants, with the aim of bringing together the main young exponents of Ibero-America.

The group consisted of 33 poets from Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, among them we have the Chilean René Silva Catalán, the Brazilian Virna Teixeira, the Mexicans Luis Aguilar and Luis Alberto Arellano. In addition to voices between 22 and 30 years old such as the Argentine Valeria Mieller, the Colombian Fernando Vargas Valencia, the Chileans Oscar Saavedra and Marcela Saldaño, who at that time were writing in specialized magazines, they had published their first books and won some literary awards in their respective countries. countries.

Winner V Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2012: Byron Daniel Muñoz Mosquera, Guayaquil, with his collection of poems "Ruido 4".

1st mention: Lucero Guadalupe Llanos Orellana, "The book of mental illnesses."

2nd mention: Diego Andrés Zaldumbide Bayas, “Hymns and goodbyes”.

3rd mention: Gabriela Janina Vargas Aguirre, "The unfocused god".




The fourth edition of the festival had a significant change. For the first time poets from other countries participated and from now on the word international was added to the name.

The delegation consisted of 35 guests from Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador, among which were the Venezuelans José Javier Sánchez and Gladys Mendía, the Spaniards Alfonso Berrocal, Pablo Méndez

and Pablo García-Inés, the Argentine María Eugenia López, the Mexican Mario Z. Puglisi, the Peruvians Harold Alva and Giuliana Llamoja.

Winner IV Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2011: Adolfo Luis Santiestevan López, Guayaquil, with his collection of poems

"Burned meat and other bodies."

1st mention: Lucero Guadalupe Llanos Orellana, "The poems of the girl from Tokyo".

2nd mention: Giovanni Salvatore Bayas Aguiar, "Lorem Ipsum".

3rd mention: Laura Alexandra Nieves Parco, "Other people's skin".


The objective of our third edition included emerging voices from all over the country, such as: Manta, Loja, Milagro, Cuenca, Tulcán, Zaruma, Alausí, Latacunga, El Oro, Manabí, Chone, Otavalo, Quito. Many of them had not had the opportunity to read in Guayaquil, or the space or broadcast like other poets from the main cities.

Winner III Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2010: Andrés López, Guayaquil, with his collection of poems

"Escaping from Plato's cave."

1st mention: Adolfo Santiestevan, "Burnt meat and other bodies".

2nd mention: Freddy Ayala Plazarte, "The fire ceremonies".

3rd mention: Cristian López, "Hail unravels his naked body in a Dylan Thomas verse".



In its second year the festival maintains its objective: to publicize poets from cities that do not have a space for dissemination, such as Manta, Tulcán, Loja, Salinas, Jipijapa, Milagro, Esmeraldas, Latacunga, Chone, Naranjar, Portoviejo, Riobamba, in addition to Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca. Among our participants were Siomara Spain, Luis Alberto Bravo, Rafael Méndez, Solange Rodríguez, Miguel Antonio Chávez, Augusto Rodríguez, Dina Bellrham and Carolina Patiño.

Winner of the II Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2009: Carlos Luis Ortiz Moyano, Alausí, with his collection of poems “El niño alucinado”.

1st mention: Luis Alberto Bravo, "Necessary Jazz".

2nd mention: Ana del Cisne Minga Macas, "In seven days"

3rd mention: Tyrone Estéfano Maridueña Guerrero, “On exiles, wings and utopias”.

I EDITION - 2008

On the fifth anniversary of the literary group Buseta de Papel, its founders inaugurated the Ileana Espinel Young Poetry Festival. Like many others, the goal of the collective was to promote the poetry of the country and especially of Guayaquil. That is why the festival takes the name of the Guayaquil poet Ileana Espinel Cedeño, to spread the work of a character that had been forgotten. And also to open spaces for new young voices that had not had the opportunity to show themselves.

Sonia Manzano, Maritza Cino and Fernando Cazón Vera gave a presentation on Ileana Espinel. Among the other poets were: Siomara España, Édison Lasso, Álex Tupiza, Diego Cazar, Ernesto Intriago, Alexis Cuzme, Jairo Estacio, Rocío Soria, David Guzmán, Tamara Acosta, Rafael Méndez, Andrea Samaniego, Ana Minga, Augusto Rodríguez, Miguel Antonio Chávez, Luis Alberto Bravo, Dina Bellhram, Andrea Icaza, Tyrone Maridueña, Solange Rodríguez, Xavier Hidalgo and Cecibel Ochoa

Winner of the Ileana Espinel Cedeño Poetry Prize 2008: Rocío Soria, Quito, with her collection of poems "Isadora".

1st mention: Dina Bellrham, "The Helium Woman".

2nd mention: Tamara Pin Acosta, "Ambiguity of desires"

3rd mention: César Eduardo Galarza, “Disobedient papers”.

4th mention: Johanna López, “Of uncertain origin”.

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